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Temporal and spatial patterns of water mites in Lake Maarsseveen I

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  • benthos
  • vertical distribution
  • water mites
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  • C. Davids 1
  • E. H. Ten Winkel 2
  • C. J. De Groot 1
  • 1) Dept. of Aquatic Ecotoxicology, Kruislaan 320, 1098, SM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2) Aqua Sense, P.O. Box 41125, 1009, EC Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The paper analyses the distribution and seasonal changes in numbers of the water mite fauna of Lake Maarsseveen I. Water mites were collected from 1977 until 1986 by dipnet, underwater light trap, hydraulic lift sampler and by frame net. Fifty-two species belonging to the Hydrachnellae and one to the Halacaridae were sampled. The faunal picture obtained is characteristic of mesotrophic to eutrophic lakes.Arrenurus nobilis. Piona paucipora andP. imminuta can be characterised as lake species. The dominant species in the littoral sand flat areHygrobates nigromaculatus andH. trigonicus, at a depth of 0.5–1 m, andMideopsis orbicularis at depths of 2–7 m.Limnesia maculata is also very common on depths between 2 and 7 m. In early summer, however, they prefer shallow water up to 1 m depth. Some species likeHygrobates nigromaculatus andH. trigonicus were not captured by the underwater light trap. The hydraulic lift sampler gave underestimations of the densisty of certain speciese.g. Hygrobates spp. andLimnesia maculata. Unionicola spp. even can avoid this sampler. Sampling by frame net gave the most realistic data. The highest number of water mites was observed in the littoral sand flat, generally up to 1000 ind. m?2. The genusHygrobates was represented with an average of 800 adult ind. m?2 throughout the year, and appeared to be the main invertebrate predator in this habitat.

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Netherland Journal of Aquatic Ecology

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