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Similarity between putative ATP-binding sites in land plant plastid ORF2280 proteins and the FtsH/CDC48 family of ATPases

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  • Chloroplast DNA
  • ORF2280
  • ATPase
  • FtsH/CDC48 protease family
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  • Kenneth H. Wolfe
  • Department of Genetics, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Irland

Plastid ORF2280 proteins from five species of land plant are shown to have limited amino-acid sequence similarity to a family of proteins that includes the yeast CDC48, SEC18, PAS1 and SUG1 proteins, three subunits of the mammalian 26S protease, and the Escherichia coli FtsH protein. These proteins all contain one or two ATPase domains and many are involved in cell division, transport of proteins across membranes, or proteolysis. Similarity with the ORF2280 proteins is restricted to a single region of about 130 amino acids that contains: (1) sequences resembling a nucleotide binding site but lacking two normally conserved residues, and (2) a downstream conserved motif with the consensus sequence VIX2TX2PX3DPALX2P. Most of the rest of ORF2280 is very poorly conserved among land plants, even though other family members such as CDC48 have slow rates of protein sequence evolution. In contrast, a protein encoded by plastid DNA of the rhodophyte alga Porphyra purpurea is very similar to E. coli FtsH. Phylogenetic analysis suggests that the red and green plastid genes are not true homologues (orthologues) but distinct members of an ancient gene family.

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Current Genetics

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