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New information on age and growth in length of Micromesistius australis , Norman 1937 (Pisces, Gadidae), in the South-West Atlantic

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  • E. R. Barrera-Oro 1
  • A. P. Tomo 1
  • 1) División Biología, Instituto Antartico Argentino, Cerrito 1248, 1010, Buenos Aires, República Argentina

Sagittal otoliths were used for age determination in 1121 specimens of Micromesistius australis, caught in waters of the South-West Atlantic during the cruises made by the ships Walther Herwig and Shinkai Maru in agreement with the Argentine Republic, during the years 1978 and 1978/1979, respectively. The interpretation of growth rings required the otoliths to undergo a paraffin wax embedding and cutting technique. The relations otolith length-fish length and fish length-half otolith width were linear. Thus, back calculations, when necessary, were made by a simple extrapolation. Numbers of males and females were nearly equal, resulting in a sex ratio of 1:1.09. Length frequencies and age distributions were calculated for each sex separately. A significant difference in growth between sexes was found, curves for each were derived. A linear, regression was made and the Von Bertalanffy equation estimated as: Lt=56.90 [1-e-0.1983 (t+1.84)], in males, and Lt=60.08 [1-e-0.1769 (t+2.07)] in females, with Lt in cm and t in years. For estimation of these equation parameters age groups 2–16 years in males and 2–22 years in females were taken into account. All theoretical Lt values and almost all observed lengths for females were greater than those of males in corresponding age groups. Previously published observations about M. australis on this subject, are not in agreement or only in partial accord with present results. These are discussed. Original photographs of otolith cross sections illustrating age determination methods are presented for the first time in age and growth studies of this species.

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Polar Biology

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