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Influence of intertidal aquaculture on benthic communities in Pacific Northwest estuaries: Scales of disturbance

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  • Chariles A. Simenstad 1
  • Kurt L. Fresh 2
  • 1) Wetland Ecosystem Team School of Fisheries, WH-10, University of Washington, 98195, Seattle, Washington
  • 2) Fish Management Program, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, MS-43149, 98504-43149, Olympia, Washington

We reviewed the scale and intensity of disturbance, and the response of benthic and epibenthic communities, to intertidal aquaculture activities in Pacific Northwest estuaries. Available data indicate a spectrum of influences on the ability of estuaries to sustain biota unrelated to the cultured species. Certain disturbances, such as adding gravel to mudflats and sandflats to enhance clam production, may subtly impact certain benthic and epibenthic invertebrates without changing the carrying capacity for estuarine-dependent taxa, such as juvenile Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.). However, habitat shifts might alter the relative suitability for different salmon species. In contrast, acute disturbances that produce large-scale changes in community dominants, such as manipulation of burrowing shrimp or eelgrass with pesticides or mechanical harvesting and manipulation of oyster grounds, strongly influence the carrying capacity for many fish and macroinvertebrates. Ensuring that estuarine ecosystems are sustainable for the breadth of processes and resources requires a comprehensive assessment of both natural and anthropogenic disturbance regimes, landscape influences, and the effects of local management for particular species on other resources.

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