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Genetics and evolution of the acute phase proteins in mice

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  • Heinz Baumann 1,2
  • Franklin G. Berger 1,2
  • 1) Department of Cell and Tumor Biology, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, 14263, Buffalo, NY, USA
  • 2) Department of Molecular Biology, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, 14263, Buffalo, NY, USA

In mammals, a number of liver-derived plasma proteins, termed acute phase reactants, are induced during an inflammation response. We have studied genetic variation in the structure and expression of several of these proteins in a variety of inbred and wild-derived mice. In a genetic cross, electrophoretic polymorphisms for the two ?1-acid glycoproteins, AGP-1 and AGP-2, co-segregated in 58 backcross progeny, indicating that either a single gene or two tightly-linked genes on chromosome 4 encode the AGPs. In the same backcross, segregation of variation in haptoglobin structure showed that the gene encoding this acute phase reactant is on chromosome 8. Structural variation in serum amyloid A correlated with restriction fragment length polymorphisms in the Saa gene determined by Taylor and Rowe (1984). Analysis of a number of highly diverged species of mice indicated that AGP expression has undergone considerable modification during evolution of the Mus genus; this is associated with alterations in Agp gene organization, which may include species-specific amplification and/or deletion events.

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  • 1 - Life Sciences ; 2 - Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology ; 3 - Molecular Biology
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