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Distribution and abundance of fishes in the San Francisco Bay estuary between 1980 and 1982

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  • San Francisco Bay
  • Estuarine fisheries
  • estuarine fisheries
  • distribution
  • river flow
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  • Charles Armor 1
  • Perry L. Herrgesell 1
  • 1) California Department of Fish and Game Bay-Delta Fishery Project, 4001 North Wilson Way, 95205, Stockton, CA, USA

In 1980 a long-term study of the fishery resources of the San Francisco Bay estuary was initiated in an effort to delineate the importance of freshwater inflow to fish and invertebrate abundance and distribution in the bay. An analysis of the trawl data collected between January 1980 and December 1982 illustrates the influence of the timing and magnitude of freshwater inflows on fish fistribution and abundance in this estuary from the perspective of monthly, seasonal and annual time scales. Normally found in the delta, Suisun Bay and San Pablo Bay during periods of increased salinity, pelagic species moved downstream after the two peak flows studied, while demersal species usually found in Central San Francisco Bay moved upstream. Such upstream movements may be due in part to transport by strong density-driven currents. Timing and magnitude of monthly catches of some species varied on a seasonal cycle coincident with variations of freshwater inflow. Most species, especially the marine species, showed no consistent cycle of monthly catches. In the wet years of 1980 and 1982 the distributions of freshwater, estuarine and anadromous species were extended downstream into San Pablo, Central and South San Francisco Bays and some marine species, including the flatfish, were more abundant in the upstream areas. In the dry year of 1981 when bay salinities were higher, few marine species extended their distributions upstream into San Pablo and Suisun Bays. Jacksmelt was the only fish of the 15 most abundant species with its peak abundance in 1981. Most marine species were more abundant in the San Francisco Bay estuary in the wet years.

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