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Complex problem of protecting fish at water intakes

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  • V. M. Sinyavskaya

Conclusions: 1. It is necessary immediately and primarily to develop, plan, and implement fish protective measures on the numerous small intakes of the country operating on fish-productive streams and water bodies. 2. Planned measures should be developed regionally and complexly (for all intakes of a region having fisheries significance regardless of the government department to which they belong) with respect to the conditions characteristic for the given region. 3. The measures should be based on the use of hydraulically perfect technical designs with parameters meeting the biological requirements of fish protection. 4. The hydraulic direction of solving the problem of fish protection (particularly the use of hydraulic jets and hydraulically perfect barrier devices and structures) can be effective under various natural conditions with various size and species composition of the fishes, and also any distribution of them. 5. Engineering hydraulics together with biological science should occupy one of the main places in the solution of the problem under consideration. 6. It is necessary to develop experimental, numerical, and combined methods of laboratory and on-site hydraulic and biohydraulic investigations for scientific substantiation of the fish protective devices and methods under various regional conditions.

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Hydrotechnical Construction

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