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Revision of the genus Ornithocheyletia Volgin, 1964 (Acari: Cheyletidae)

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  • A. Fain
  • Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde “Prins Leopold”, Nationalestraat 155, B-2000, Antwerp, Belgium

The genus Ornithocheyletia Volgin, 1964 is revised. If the three species described below are included the number of known species in this genus is now 22. These species live on or in the skin of birds and produce mange. The holotypes of all these species have been examined except those of O. pinguis (Berlese) and of O. dubinini Volgin which were not available. Three new species and one new subspecies are described: O. geopeliae sp. nov. from Geopelia striata, O. lepidus sp. nov. from Garrulax leucolophus bicolor, O. eulabes from Eulabes javana and O. psittaci poicephali ssp. nov. from Poicephalus senegalus. O. similis Fain, 1972 is placed as a subspecies of O. hallae Smiley, 1970. The genus Ornithocheyletia is redefined and a key to the species is provided. The following stages have been observed in the life cycle: egg—prelarva—larva— protonymph—tritonymph—adults. A prelarva is observed for the first time: it is represented by a small ecdysis organ consisting of two small bifid sclerites serving for the rupture of the eggshell. The adult female develops into a tritonymph, the adult male into a protonymph. The males are either homeomorphic or heteromorphic; the latter are characterized by the hypertrophy and modification of the gnathosoma, especially the palps. ac]19800531

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