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An electron microscope study of the formation of the nacreous layer in the shell of certain bivalve molluscs

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  • Nacre
  • Pallial fluid
  • Crystal growth
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  • Dr. Gerrit Bevelander 1,2
  • Hiroshi Nakahara 1,2
  • 1) Department of Histology, The University of Texas Dental Branch, 6516 John-Freeman-Avenue, 77025, Houston, Texas, USA
  • 2) The Bermuda Biologocal Station for Research, 6516 John-Freeman-Avenue, 77025, Houston, Texas, USA

An electron-microscopic study was made of nacreous shell growth in several species of marine molluscs. Studies of sections of mantle-shell preparations show that the first step in crystal formation is the “polymerization” of part of the pallial fluid to form lamellae parallel to the surface of the epithelium. These lamellae form compartments enclosing a modified apallial fluid. Initiation of crystals occurs in these compartments in contact with a crystal in an adjacent layer. During crystal growth the organic matrix present in the compartment is displaced by the growing surface of the crystal. When growth is complete the crystal is entirely enveloped by a delicate organic sheath. These studies show that the pallial fluid with its organic constituents is responsible for supplying a matrix or substrate for crystal initiation and growth. It serves as a regulatory device for guiding the orderly growth and arrangement of crystals and, further, it may participate in the induction of new crystals. The formation of compartments during shell growth accounts for the uniform thickness, preferred exhibited orientation and mineralogy of the crystals as well as other features exhibited by the mature nacre.

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Calcified Tissue Research

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