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The relative radiosensitivities of human, rabbit and rat-kangaroo chromosomes

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  • D. Scott 1,2
  • T. R. L. Bigger 1,2
  • 1) Paterson Laboratories, Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, England
  • 2) Manchester and Medical Research Council Radiobiology Unit, Harwell

Lymphocytes of man, rabbit and potoroo (Potorous tridactylus) were exposed, in vitro, to various doses of X-rays and analysed at their first mitotic division for chromosome structural abnormalities. The ratio of yields of dicentric aberrations in the three species was, respectively, 1.00?0.46?0.29 and of deletions 1.00?0.62?1.13. Similar results were obtained for human and rabbit cells exposed to fast neutrons. — In lymphocytes of six mammalian species, including man, Brewen et al. (1973) found a linear relationship between chromosome arm number and relative dicentric frequencies. Our data for potoroo cells (24 chromosome arms) fit in well with this linear response but our rabbit data do not: on the basis of chromosome arm number the dicentric frequency in rabbit (80 arms) should be similar to that for man (81 arms) whereas dicentrics are less than half as frequent in rabbit cells. — The differences in DNA content (man:rabbit, 1.00?0.92) and lymphocyte nuclear volumes (1.00?0.84) are too small to explain the differential dicentrie frequencies. It is suggested that the capacity for accurate DNA repair may differ between species and be reflected in different frequencies of chromosome exchange.

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