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Predation on fish eggs by white perch, Morone americana , in western Lake Erie

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  • Great Lakes
  • Invading species
  • Species interactions
  • Ohio
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  • Jeffrey S. Schaeffer 1
  • F. Josep Margraf 1
  • 1) Ohio Cooperative Fishery Research Unit, 1735 Neil Avenue, 43210, Columbus, OH, USA

Synopsis: The white perch,Morone americana, is an east coast estuarine species that invaded Lake Erie in the 1950's, but did not increase in abundance until the mid 1970's. We studied its distribution and feeding during spawning in the Sandusky River, Ohio in 1981–1983. White perch were present in the area from early April through May, but abundance was highest on bedrock riffles about 45 km upstream from Lake Erie. Spawning activity peaked in the last week of April when temperatures approached 18°C. White perch collected in early April had eaten walleye,Stizostedion vitreum vitreum, eggs. As spawning activity of white perch increased, feeding activity declined, and most fish collected during late April contained no food. Egg predation increased again in May, but the eggs eaten then were those of white bass,Morone chrysops, white perch, and possibly other species. We have no evidence that egg predation by white perch has affected walleye or white bass recruitment, but it could become a problem if white perch continue to increase in abundance.

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Environmental Biology of Fishes

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