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Assessment and individual recognition of opponents in the pygmy swordtails Xiphophorus nigrensis and X. multilineatus

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  • Aggression
  • Communication Individual recognition
  • Resource holding potential Swordtails
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  • Molly R. Morris 1
  • Leila Gass 1
  • Michael J. Ryan 1
  • 1) Department of Zoology, University of Texas, 78712, Austin, TX, USA

We examined factors that determine the outcome of agonistic encounters between male pygmy swordtail fish. Xiphophorus nigrensis and X. multilineatus males formed dominance relationships based on body size in staged laboratory encounters. There was a significant negative correlation between size asymmetry and fight intensity, suggesting that males assessed size in the encounters. However, a significant proportion of the variation in fight intensity in contests that escalated to bites could not be explained by size asymmetry. Aggressive motivation may also influence the outcome of contests and could be assessed in agonistic encounters. Theory suggests that signals of aggressive intention will be evolutionarily stable if individuals can recognize opponents and encounter one another repeatedly. In addition, individual recognition is one way that dominance hierarchies can be maintained. Here we demonstrate that males from both species can recognize individuals. In addition, at least some X. nigrensis males were site-faithful in the field, suggesting males encounter the same opponents repeatedly.

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Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology

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