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Metabolic rates of midwater crustaceans as a function of depth of occurrence off the Hawaiian Islands: Food availability as a selective factor?

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  • D. L. Cowles 1
  • J. J. Childress 2
  • M. E. Wells 1
  • 1) Department of Natural Sciences, Loma Linda University, 92350, Loma Linda, California, USA
  • 2) Marine Science Institute, University of California Santa Barbara, 93106, Santa Barbara, California, USA

During July of 1983, 1986, and 1987, we measured rates of oxygen consumption of 234 individuals of 17 species of midwater crustaceans (orders Decapoda, Mysidacea, and Euphausiacea) off the Hawaiian islands at depths from the surface to greater than 1200 m. The routine metabolic rates declined with increasing depths of the species' occurrence to an extent greater than could be accounted for by depth-related changes in body size or water temperature. Most species appeared able to regulate their oxygen consumption down to the lowest oxygen partial pressures found in their depth range (20 mm Hg O2), but did not regulate to such low oxygen partial pressures as did similar midwater crustaceans off California, where oxygen levels reach as low as 6 mm Hg. Metabolic rates of the shallower-living, but not the deepest-living Hawaiian crustaceans were significantly higher than those of Californian crustaceans. This is interpreted as indicating that the metabolic rates of midwater crustaceans are not adapted specifically to differing levels of primary production and that the decline with depth of metabolic rates in these species is not the result of food limitation at depth. The data are, however, consistent with the hypothesis that lower metabolic rates at depth are due to the relaxation of selection pressures relating to visual predation near the surface.

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Marine Biology

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