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The chromosomes of Dall's porpoise, Phocoenoides dallii (True), with remarks on the phylogenetic relation of the Cetacea

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  • Sajiro Makino
  • Zoological Institute, Hokkaido University, Sapporo

The chromosome complex of Dall's porpoise Phocoenoides dallii (True), a species of the Delphinidae (Cetacea), was investigated in male germ cells during the course of spermatogenesis. The diploid number of chromosomes in this species was 44 in the spermatogonia and the haploid number was 22 in both primary and secondary spermatocytes. Sex chromosomes of the typical XY-type were found to occur in this species. The X element is represented by one of the medium-sized chromosomes of rod-type characterized by a globular body located at its inner extremity, while the Y is very minute, attaining a size approximately one third that of the smallest autosome. Morphological analysis of the chromosomes shows the chromosome complement of this species to be strikingly characterized by the prevalence of medium-sized elements having subterminal fibre attachments. Comparison of the chromosomes with those of related forms of mammals shows that the chromosome constitution of this species approximates closely that of the pig. The question of the phylogenetical affinity of the Cetacea was discussed on the basis of the karyological evidence here reported.

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