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Spatial and temporal variations in the diet of nototheniid fish in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica

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  • John C. Montgomery 1
  • Brian A. Foster 1
  • Richard C. Milton 1
  • Elizabeth Carr 1,2
  • 1) Department of Zoology, University of Auckland, Private Bag, Auckland, New Zealand
  • 2) Greenpeace International, Keizersgracht, 1761016 DW, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Specimens of 4 species of Antarctic fish were captured at different locations in McMurdo Sound during the early summer, and for one species also during late winter. Stomach contents were analysed to examine resource utilization across species, at different locations, and between late winter and early summer. The results are consistent with earlier findings that there is a gradation in resource utilization across these species.T. pennelli andT. bernacchii tend to take predominantly benthic crawling prey, though they also take prey from the water column.T. hansoni andT. nicolai tend to take more prey from the water column, a tendency which can be related to the visual feeding vector of these species. Substantial differences in diet for the same species captured in different locations indicated significant flexibility in prey selection which would allow utilization of spatial and temporal fluctuations in prey availability. Successful feeding byT. bernacchii in late winter is a further indication that this species can feed non-visually and supports the notion that non-visual feeding mechanisms are likely to be of importance in the biology of the Antarctic fishes.

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Polar Biology

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