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Chromosome banding in Amphibia

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  • M. Schmid 1
  • C. G. de Almeida 1
  • 1) Department of Human Genetics, University of Würzburg, Koellikerstrasse 2, D-8700, Würzburg, Federal Republic of Germany

Fixed metaphase chromosomes of several species of Amphibia were treated with various restriction endonucleases and subsequently stained with Giemsa. Metaphases of man and chicken were examined in parallel under the same experimental conditions for comparison. The restriction enzymes always induce subsets of the C-banding patterns present in the amphibian karyotypes. The heterochromatic regions can be either resistant or sensitive to the restriction enzyme. The modified C-banding patterns revealed by different restriction endonucleases in the karyotype of the same species can be either extremely dissimilar or almost completely congruent. Correspondingly, the action of the same restriction enzyme on the karyotypes of different species may vary greatly. There is only rarely a correlation between the type of C-banding patterns produced by different restriction endonucleases and their specific base pair recognition sequences. In contrast to mammalian and avian chromosomes, restriction enzymes induce no multiple G-banding patterns in amphibian chromosomes. This is attributed to the difference in organization of the DNA in the genomes of poikilothermic vertebrates. The possible mechanisms of restriction endonuclease banding and the various uses of this technique for amphibian chromosomes are discussed.

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