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Micronekton and macrozooplankton in the open waters near Antarctic ice edge zones (AMERIEZ 1983 and 1986)

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  • Thomas M. Lancraft 1
  • Joseph J. Torres 1
  • Thomas L. Hopkins 1
  • 1) Department of Marine Science, University of South Florida, 140 7th Avenue South, 33701, St. Petersburg, FL, USA

Micronekton and macrozooplankton assemblages (0–1000 m) were sampled from the open ocean in the vicinity of marginal ice zones in the southern Scotia and western Weddell Seas using midwater trawls. Small regional differences in species composition were found in the differing hydrographic settings with the Scotia Sea being slightly more diverse. Most species exhibited broad vertical ranges with no distinct pattern of vertical movement. Exceptions were mesopelagic fish and Salpa thompsoni which undertook diel vertical migrations. Biomass was high (2.4–3.1 g DW/m2), comparable to Pacific subarctic waters. Euphausia superba and Salpa tompsoni were the numerical and biomass dominants, representing over 50% of the total numbers and standing stocks. In terms of biomass, euphausiids were the most important group at shallow depths (0–200 m) but were surpassed by salps in the Scotia Sea and mesopelagic fish in the Weddell Sea when all depths down to 1000 m were considered. Pelagic fish biomass (3.3–4.4 g WW/m2) greatly exceeded published estimates for birds (0.025–0.070 g WW/m2), seals (0.068–0.089 g WW/m2) and whales (0.167 to 0.399 g WW/m2), making mesopelagic fish the most prevalent krill predators in the Antarctic oceanic system.

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Polar Biology

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