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Low dietary iodine and thyroid anomalies in ring doves, Streptopelia risoria , Exposed to 3,4,3?,4?-Tetrachlorobiphenyl

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  • Philip A. Spear 1
  • Thomas W. Moon 1
  • 1) Department of Biology, University of Ottawa, K1N 9B4, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ring doves,Streptopelia risoria, were raised to adult size on either low iodine or normal iodine semi-purified diets. Insufficient iodine elicited thyroid hyperplasia comparable to that previously reported in Great Lakes herring gulls,Larus argentatus. This condition was reversed within seven days following a single dose (60 ?g/g body weight) of the PCB congener 3,4,3?,4?-tetrachlorobiphenyl (TCBP) in which group the thyroid weight plus colloid diameters were consistent with the development of large-colloid goiter. TCBP exposure also decreased the core body temperature, serum TT4, and TT3, indicating that low iodine euthyroidism changed to mild hypothyroidism. Acute exposure of the normal iodine doves did not cause hypothyroidism or affect thyroid histology, although serum TT4 and TT3 decreased significantly. In a second study, doves raised on the experimental diets received three TCBP doses (3×20 ?g/g body weight) over a 28-day period. The only significant effect associated with TCBP was decreased serum TT4 which occurred in both dietary groups. The major conclusions are i) thyroid hyperplasia caused by low iodine was not enhanced by TCBP, ii) this effect is presumably due to opposing influences upon the thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) feedback system, and iii) this work in addition to previous studies indicate that PCB elicits large-colloid goiters in avian species generally, which is an inherently different response to hyperplastic goiter produced in mammals exposed to PCBs.

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