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Generation and reactivation of T-cell receptor A joining region pseudogenes in primates

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  • Cornelia Thiel 1
  • Nel Otting 2
  • Ronald E. Bontrop 2
  • Jerry S. Lanchbury 1
  • 1) Molecular Immunogenetics Unit, Division of Medicine, UMDS, 4th Floor Hunt's House, Guy's Hospital, SE1 9RT, London, UK
  • 2) Department of Immunology, Biomedical Primate Research Centre, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

Tandemly duplicated T-cell receptor (Tcr) AJ (J?) segments contribute significantly to TCRA chain junctional region diversity in mammals. Since only limited data exists on TCRA diversity in nonhuman primates, we examined the TCRAJ regions of 37 chimpanzee and 71 rhesus macaque TCRA cDNA clones derived from inverse polymerase chain reaction on peripheral blood mononuclear cell cDNA of healthy animals. Twenty-five different TCRAJ regions were characterized in the chimpanzee and 36 in the rhesus macaque. Each bears a close structural relationship to an equivalent human TCRAJ region. Conserved amino acid motifs are shared between all three species. There are indications that differences between nonhuman primates and humans exist in the generation of TCRAJ pseudogenes. The nucleotide and amino acid sequences of the various characterized TCRAJ of each species are reported and we compare our results to the available information on human genomic sequences. Although we provide evidence of dynamic processes modifying TCRAJ segments during primate evolution, their repertoire and primary structure appears to be relatively conserved.

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  • 3 - immunology
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  • 4 - genetique des eucaryotes. evolution biologique et moleculaire
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