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Overlapping territory of the benthophagous cichlid fish, Lobochilotes labiatus , in Lake Tanganyika

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  • Feeding territory
  • Body size
  • Foraging site partitioning
  • Benthophagous
  • Feeding behaviour
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  • Masanori Kohda 1
  • Kazumi Tanida 2
  • 1) Laboratory of Animal Sociology, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Osaka City University, 558, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka, Japan
  • 2) Department of Life Science, Faculty of Integrated Arts & Sciences, University of Osaka Prefecture, 593, Gakuencho 1, Sakai, Osaka, Japan

Synopsis: Feeding territories do not usually overlap in the same fish species. We studied overlapping territories and feeding behaviours of a benthophagous cichlid fish Lobochilotes labiatus Boulenger in a coastal area of Lake Tanganyika. Forty-four individuals of both sexes, 6–31 cm in total length, maintained territories in a 21 m × 25 m area. These could be regarded as feeding territories. The territories of similar-sized owners (usually different by less than 5 cm) did not overlap each other, but those of different-sized owners overlapped widely. Aggressive interactions were rarely observed between fish distinctly different in body size. Both large and small fish took benthic animals of the same kinds and of similar size. In contrast, the size of foraging sites (crevices) was different between them: the large fish foraged at large crevices and small fish at small crevices. This partitioning of foraging sites may enable the overlap of territories in this benthivore.

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Environmental Biology of Fishes

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