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Upper Triassic reefs of the Oman Mountains: Data from the South Tethyan margin

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  • Reef Communities
  • Southern Tethys
  • Oman Mountains
  • Upper Triassic
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  • Dr. Michaela Bernecker
  • Institut für Paläontologie, Universität, Loewenichstr. 28, D-91054, Erlangen

The Upper Triassic reefal limestones of the Oman Mountains were investigated with respect to their microfacies, palaeontology and community structure. The reef fauna described and figured for the first time occurs in parautochthonous slope deposits of the Arabian platform (Sumeini Group) and in allochthonous reefal blocks (‘Oman Exotics’, Hawasina Complex). The ‘Oman Exotics’ are tectonically dislocated blocks, derived from isolated carbonate platforms on seamounts in the Hawasina basin or in the South Tethys Sea. The lithofacies and fauna of these blocks comprise a cyclic platform facies with megalodonts, reef and reef debris facies. The reefal limestones are dated as Norian/Rhaetian by benthic foraminiferal associations (Costifera, Siculocosta, Galeanella) and typical encrusting organisms (Alpinophragmium, Microtubus). Some small ‘Oman Exotics’ are of Carnian age. The shallow-marine organisms include scleractinian corals of different growth forms, ‘sphinctozoans’, ‘inozoans’ chaetetids, spongiomorphids, disjectoporids and solenoporacean algae as the main reef builders, various encrusters like microbes, foraminifers, sponges and many different problematical organisms for the stabilisation of the reef framework and a group of dwellers including benthic foraminifers, gastropods, bivalves and a few dasycladacean algae. The reef communities are characterized by the coverage of organisms and distributional pattern. Analogies with the coeval reef deposits from the European part of the Tethys have been recognized. Some species, now collected in Oman, were also reported from American and Asian localities.

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