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Seaweed succession on artificial reefs on different bottom substrata

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  • artificial reef
  • grazing
  • seaweed bed
  • succession
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  • Masao Ohno 1
  • Shogo Arai 2
  • Miki Watanabe 3
  • 1) Marine Biological Institute, Kochi University, Usa-cho, Tosa, 781-11, Kochi, Japan
  • 2) Algae Research Co.Ltd., 500 Tukui, 230, Yokosuka, Japan
  • 3) Yonden, Consultants Co. Inc., 2109-8 Yashima Nishimachi Takamatsu, 761-01, Kagawa, Japan

Artificial rest reefs were set on sandy and rocky bottoms at 5–10 m depth along the coast of southern Japan. Mature thalli ofSargassum, Gelidium and other seaweds were transported from other coastal areas, packed in mesh bags and attached to the reefs to start the beds. After one year, the seaweed flora on the reef on a sandy bottom consisted of more than 20 species, includingSargassum spp. andGelidium amansii, which are important animal food species. Coralline algae were the dominants on the rocky bottom reefs. The lower biomass on reefs on the rocky bottom was due to grazing by urchins. The same number of species was present in the first and second years on reefs on sandy bottoms, but there were moreSargassum thalli the second year. Maximum algal biomass of the artificial reef in May of the second year was 9998 g wet wt m?2 in sandy areas, 441 g wet wt m?2 in boulder areas and 228 g wet wt m?2 in rocky areas. Reefs on rocky bottoms continued to be covered by coralline algae and several species ofCodium andDictyota.

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Journal of Applied Phycology

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