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A revision of coregonine fish distribution and abundance in eastern James-Hudson Bay

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  • Estuarine fish communities
  • Salmonidae
  • Relative abundance
  • Life history
  • Migration
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  • Alain Kemp 1
  • Louis Bernatchez 1
  • Julian J. Dodson 1
  • 1) Départment de biologie, Universie Laval, G1K 7P4, Québec, Canada

Synopsis: Recent sampling programs conducted in the estuaries of the Eastmain and La Grande rivers (James Bay) and the Great Whale, Little Whale, Innuksuac and Povungnituk rivers (Hudson Bay) revealed patterns of coregonine fish distribution that differ from previous observations. The relative abundance of cisco, Coregonus artedii, and lake whitefish, C. clupeaformis, varied among rivers but did not reveal a latitudinal cline. Previous sampling programs underestimated the abundance of cisco in the Little Whale River. In addition, cisco was the third most abundant species captured in the Povungnituk River, situated 200 km to the north of the previously proposed northern limit at Innuksuac River. As such, the low abundances of cisco in the Great Whale and Innuksuac rivers cannot be attributed to a physiological inability to cope with a reduced growing season. Immature cisco were almost totally absent from the estuaries of the Hudson Bay rivers following spring breakup whereas immature lake whitefish made up 100% of the catch in the Innuksuac River at the same time of year. Species-specific migration patterns in Hudson Bay that differ from those observed in James Bay and the existence of unique juvenile overwintering rivers are 2 hypotheses proposed to explain the discontinuous age-class distribution of cisco and lake whitefish observed in Hudson Bay.

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Environmental Biology of Fishes

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