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Concentrations of selenium in biota, sediments, and water at Cibola National Wildlife Refuge

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  • D. Welsh 1
  • O. E. Maughan 1
  • 1) Arizona Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, 210 Biological Sciences East, University of Arizona, 85721, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Selenium contamination was studied at Cibola National Wildlife Refuge (Cibola NWR) in the lower Colorado River Valley, California and Arizona, USA. The objective was to determine whether local irrigation practices resulted in exposure of fish to toxic concentrations of selenium. Water, sediment, fish, and crayfish were collected from sites that received irrigation return flows and sites that did not. At sites receiving irrigation return flows, selenium was below concentrations that are toxic to fish. However, at two sites receiving water directly from the Colorado River, selenium was at the toxicity threshold for fish. Selenium concentrations were also elevated in crayfish from the sites where concentrations in sunfish were at the toxicity threshold. Further increases in selenium concentrations at sites that are already at the toxicity threshold could impair reproduction of sensitive species. Site-specific limnological conditions may play a role in accumulation of selenium to toxic concentrations, but major sources of selenium seem to be upstream in the Colorado River basin rather than from local agricultural practices. Selenium input to the Colorado River from irrigation projects, coal-fired power plants, and natural sources should be reduced to minimize the potential for selenium-induced toxicity in fish in backwaters along the lower Colorado River.

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Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology

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