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Cestodes of birds from the Ivory Coast. Species of the genus Anonchotaenia Cohn, 1990

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  • Jean Mariaux
  • Institute of Zoology, University of Neuchâtel, Ch. de Chantemerle, 22, CH-2007, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Five taxa included in the cestode genus Anonchotaenia (Cyclophyllidea, Paruterinidae) have been found in various birds from the Ivory Coast (West Africa). The hosts belong to the families Hirundinidae and Corvidae. A. (Paranonchotaenia) prionopos n. sp., parasitic in Prionops plumata, and A. (P.) malaconoti n. sp, parasitic in Malaconotus blanchoti, are placed in a new subgenus named Paranonchotaenia, which is erected for the Anonchotaenia species showing genital ducts passing between the longitudinal excretory stems. A. (P.) prionopos is characterised by a rather short cirrus-pouch, six to seven testes, and an integumental cavity at the distal extremity of the cirrus-pouch in gravid proglottides. A. (P.) malaconoti differs from the former species mainly by the larger cirrus-pouch and a slightly greater number of testes. The other three species are A. longiovata, parasitic in Hirundo semirufa; A. globata, parasitic in Psadiloprocne obscura (the latter two species are recorded from new hosts and new geographical areas); and Anonchotaenia sp., parasitic in Hirundo rustica. It is assumed that the subgenus A. (Anonchotaenia) is rather a parasite of the Passerida and that the subgenus A. (Paranonchotaenia) tends to be parasitic in the Corvida.

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