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Gill surface area of water-breathing freshwater fish

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  • Margit Palzenberger 1
  • Hannes Pohla 1
  • 1) Zoologisches Institut de Universität Salzburg, Hellbrunnerstr. 34, A-5020, Salzburg, Austria

To provide a hitherto lacking review which focuses on gill surface area of freshwater fish, we collected and analysed morphometric data from the literature. The scaling exponent of gill area ranges from 0.36 to 1.13, with a mean value of 0.76. The absolute values for the largest gill areas are about 5 times as high as those of the smallest. This range resembles that of marine fish, if specially adapted steady swimmers, such as tunnies and some sharks, are excluded. Generally it appears that the gill areas of freshwater fish are smaller than those of comparable marine species. To establish whether a relationship exists between gill area and swimming activity or oxygen content of water, the activity of each species and the oxygen content of its habitat were estimated and checked against the gill area. ANOVA revealed that activity explains the presence of the smallest gill areas only, while oxygen content does not correlate with gill area at all. The morphometric variables determining gill area (total length of filaments, average lamellar density, average lamellar area) are highly correlated; total gill area correlates mainly with lamellar density and to a lesser degree with filament length; lamellar area varies independently. Different populations of the same species exhibit striking differences with respect to gill areas, total length of filaments, average lamellar density and average lamellar area. These differences point to a substantial morphological plasticity of the gill system.

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Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries

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