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Morphology, egg cocoons, and transmission paths of the Antarctic leech Glyptonotobdella antarctica Sawyer and White, 1969 (Hirudinea: Rhynchobdelliformes: Piscicolidae)

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  • Hans Heinrich Janssen
  • Espenweg 47, D-27578, Bremerhaven, Germany

The biology of piscicolids which move between different host species is poorly understood. Very little is known about leeches of Antarctic waters, though they are not uncommon in that region. This paper adds to the fundamental knowledge of the Antarctic piscicolid leech Glyptonotobdella antarctica Sawyer and White, 1969. According to the new findings the distribution of the species has to be extended to the geographical latitude of 76°08.1?S and to a depth of 665 m. Besides Glyptonotus antarcticus Eights 1853, sea urchins of the genus Sterechinus (Meissner 1900), and the benthic octopus Pareledone (charcoti?) (Joubin 1905) serve as hosts. Hitherto there were only two records on piscicolids from Octopus dofleini and none from sea urchins. Egg cocoons on the ventral side of the isopod Glyptonotus antarcticus were attributed to the leech. Most likely Glyptonotobdella antarctica moves between different hosts, i.e. Antarctic octopuses and their potential prey. Surface structures of the leech are studied by light and scanning electron microscope. The observations complement the basic knowledge on Antarctic leeches and provide arguments for phylogenetic discussions.

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Polar Biology

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