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Isozymes as bioprobes for genetic analysis of nonhuman primates

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  • P. Meera Khan
  • Department of Human Genetics, University of Leiden, Wassenaarseweg 72, 2333 AL, Leiden, The Netherlands

The identification and the utilization of genetically determined electrophoretic differences of enzymes between the individuals of species as well as between cell lines have played an important role in the advancement of mammalian genetics during the past quarter of a century. In an explicit search we found a number of red cell enzyme polymorphisms in each of the following four species: chimpanzees, orang utans, rhesus monkeys and brown capuchins. Allelic distribution patterns among populations have indicated trends of subspeciation among chimpanzees and orang utans due to geographic barriers leading to reproductive isolation. Investigations of quantitative levels of red cell glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase have suggested that relative activity profiles of certain enzymes among species may be helpful in studies of the evolution of physiological traits and their biological significance during speciation. A large number of biochemical genetic markers in primate-rodent (i.e., chimpanzee-, gorilla-, orang utan-, rhesus monkey- and African green monkey-Chinese hamster) somatic cell hybrids have been identified and are useful for primate genetic analysis. Some of the biologically relevant observations on the enzyme markers in the above mentioned primate species are discussed.

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