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Clutch size in parasitoids: the egg production rate as a constraint

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  • Optimal foraging
  • clutch size
  • life history theory
  • constraints
  • host-parasite interactions
  • host utilization
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  • Eric L. Charnov 1
  • Samuel W. Skinner 2
  • 1) Department of Biology, University of Utah, 84112, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
  • 2) Department of Biology, Indiana University, 47405, Bloomington, IN, USA

In many species of insect parasitoids, adult females mature eggs as they search their environment for hosts. In such species, the number of mature eggs, at the point of finding a host, is a function of the interhost time and the rate of egg maturation. Assuming that interhost search times are variable, we use a version of the marginal value theorem to derive a decision rule for optimizing the time spent exploiting individual hosts; this indirectly determines clutch size. We find that a threshold search time exists above which a female should simply lay her currently mature eggs and depart from the host. However, when the search time has been less than the threshold, a female should oviposit, but then remain on the host to mature and lay additional eggs, until the threshold time is reached.

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Evolutionary Ecology

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