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Respiration and chemical composition of the bathypelagic euphausiid Bentheuphausia amblyops

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  • J. J. Torres 1
  • J. J. Childress 2,3
  • 1) Department of Marine Science, University of South Florida, 140 Seventh Avenue South, 33701, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
  • 2) Oceanic Biology Group, Marine Science Institute, University of California, 93106, Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • 3) Department of Biological Sciences, University of California, 93106, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Bentheuphausia amblyops is a cosmopolitan bathypelagic euphausiid with a vertical range of from 280 to 7 000 m. Determinations of proximate and elemental composition show that B. amblyops has a more robust structure (lower water content and higher protein content) than is typical of other bathypelagic Crustacea. B. amblyops is a strong swimmer and is capable of employing its thoracic legs in raptorial fashion. Discrete depth trawls taken between depths of 400 and 2 500 m on a diel basis show no evidence of vertical migration. There was no significant difference in oxygen consumption within the species environmental temperature range (1.5° to 7.5°C), which may be partially ascribed to a limited temperature effect and partially to variability in spontaneous activity at the different temperatures. Between 7.5° and 9.5°C there was a marked temperature effect on metabolism (Q10=6.4). The observed vertical distribution and metabolic response to elevated temperature preclude the migrations to the surface that have been postulated for B. amblyops. The robust composition of the species, its behavioral characteristics, and published diet information strongly suggest that the species is omnivorous with a strong predatory component in its foraging strategy.

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Marine Biology

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