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Morphological and functional development of larval and juvenile Limanda yokohamae (Pisces: Pleuronectidae) reared in the laboratory

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  • O. Fukuhara
  • Nansei Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory, Ohno, Saeki, 739-04, Hiroshima, Japan

Morphological and behavioural aspects in larval development need to be studied in detail to understand the early life history better, and to gain a comprehensive knowledge on early life stages for fish species important in aquaculture and fisheries. In the present study, larvae of Limanda yokohamae (Günther) were reared to observe their behavioural development, and to obtain specimens for studying the morphological features and the intestinal development at Ohno, Hiroshima, Japan, in 1987. Swimming activity was monitored at several larval stages, and swimming speed was recorded until settlement and after-feeding behaviour was initiated. A slight increment of swimming speed was observed with larval growth. Larvae changed their swimming behaviour from surface waters to the bottom of the rearing tank when their eyes began to move. Morphological development of pigmentation patterns, fin development, squamation and the development of the digestive tract were described and illustrated in detail to characterize development stages, especially those relating to metamorphosis. During metamorphosis, growth ceased and rapid changes in allometric growth were accompanied by differentiation of the digestive tract. After metamorphosis there was steady growth, allometric growth achieved a constant value, and both the scales and digestive organs were fully formed. Metamorphosis was therefore a crucial developmental milestone, including a critical phase during which survival potential was lowered.

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