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The water mites (Acari: Hydrachnidia) of streams in The Netherlands: Distribution and ecological aspects on a regional scale

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  • Water mites
  • regional distribution
  • streams
  • springs
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  • H. Van Der Hammen 1
  • H. Smit 2
  • 1) Provincie Noord-Holland, Dienst Ruimte & Groen, P.O. Box 6090, 2001, HB Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • 2) Emmastraat 43A, 1814, DM Alkmaar, The Netherlands

The water mites of running waters in The Netherlands have been surveyed for the period 1987–1992. The aims were to investigate their present distribution, to make a comparison with historical data and to identify differences in water mite assemblages on a regional scale. The investigation covered 821 sites in eight different drainage areas. In spite of the scarcity of historical data, it may be concluded that in the course of this century about 40% of rheophilic water mites have become extinct. In canalized streams lentic species are dominant. In springs and spring streams, lotic species can survive, but the assemblages consist mainly of euryoecious water mite species. Multivariate techniques were used to show regional differences. These differences are mainly determined by stream hydraulics. The area of Zuid-Limburg can easily be demarcated by its relatively high number of rheophilic species. The man-made streams (’sprengen’) at the east side of the Veluwe area are characterized by a number of species which indicate undisturbed circumstances. The response of water mites to pollution of running waters is discussed.

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  • 1 - sciences appliquees, technologies et medecines
  • 2 - sciences biologiques et medicales
  • 3 - sciences biologiques fondamentales et appliquees. psychologie
  • 4 - ecologie animale, vegetale et microbienne
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  • 1 - Life Sciences ; 2 - Agricultural and Biological Sciences ; 3 - General Agricultural and Biological Sciences
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Netherland Journal of Aquatic Ecology

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