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Ecological overlap between macrourids in the western mediterranean sea

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  • E. Macpherson
  • Instituto de Investigaciones Pesqueras, Barcelona, Spain

Stomachs from over 323 specimens of Hymenocephalus italicus, 168 Nezumia aequalis, 160 Coelorhynchus coelorhynchus and 1670 Trachyrhynchus trachyrhynchus were collected from September 1976 to September 1978 from the West Mediterranean continental slope at depths between 200 and 800 m. Copepods, amphipods and other pelagic crustanceans form the main fraction of the diet of H. italicus. The diets of N. aequalis and C. coelorhynchus consist largely of polychaetes, isopods, amphipods, mysids and decapod crustaceans. T. trachyrhynchus feed heavily on decapods. Decreasing fractions of small crustaceans are found in diets of all species as fish size increases. The mean size of prey increases with the body size of the fish. A positive size-depth correlation has been observed in macrourids. Juveniles and intermediates of N. aequalis, C. coelorhynchus and T. trachyrhynchus were found in shallow-water zones (<400 m), while adults were more common in deeper areas. Niche breadth and niche overlap were calculated between size groups. Niches are relatively broader with respect to habitat and narrower for prey size and prey type. The food overlaps between N. aequalis C. coelorhynchus and between C. coelorhynchus and T. trachyrhynchus are notably the greatest. Overlap in relation to habitat is high, while the correlation between niche parameters is very poor, indicating a certain degree of independence between these factors. Alpha matrices were estimated using both multiplicative (? product) and additive (? summation) multidimensional estimates for niche overlaps. Rates of competitive exclusion are low.

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