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Social relationships in a cooperatively polyandrous group of tamarins ( Saguinus fuscicollis )

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  • Anne W. Goldizen
  • Department of Biology, University of Michigan, 48109, Ann Arbor, MI, USA

This paper presents detailed data on the social relationships among the adults, and between the adults and young, of a cooperatively polyandrous saddle-back tamarin (Saguinus fusciollis; Callitrichidae) group studied for one year. Some data are also presented from groups studied in other years. Adult males in the study groups gave more grooming than they received, while the opposite was true for females (e.g. Fig. 1). The two polyandrous males in the main study group were very rarely aggressive to each other, rarely tried to disrupt each others' copulations, groomed each other, and occasionally shared food, suggesting that their relationship was more affiliative than agonistic. Data on grooming (Fig. 2), spatial relationships, and the initiation of copulations suggest that the males of this group, may have been somewhat more responsible than the female for the maintenance of male-female relationships. Both males and females performed all forms of parental care except lactation. In the main study group each of the males groomed the offspring and remained in close proximity to them more than did the female (Figs.3 and 4). These data are compared with existing data on social relationships in bird species that exhibit cooperative polyandry.

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