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Model analysis of the effect of environmental fluctuation on the species replacement pattern of pelagic fishes under interspecific competition

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  • pelagic fishes
  • species replacement
  • cyclic advantage relationships
  • long-term stock fluctuation
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  • Hiroyuki Matsuda 1
  • Tokio Wada 2
  • Yasuhiro Takeuchi 3
  • Yoshiharu Matsumiya 4
  • 1) National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, 5-5-1 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, 104, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2) Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute, Katsurakoi, 085, Kushiro, Japan
  • 3) Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University, Jouhoku, 432, Hamamatsu, Japan
  • 4) Faculty of Bioresourse, Mie University, 514, Tsu, Japan

There are two factors affecting long-term fluctuation of planktotrophic pelagic fish: environmental fluctuation and interspecific competition. Long-term catch data of planktotrophic pelagic fishes in Japan suggest that the chub mackerel (species B) was replaced by the sardine (A), A was replaced by the anchovy, Pacific saury and horse mackerel (Group C), and species in group C were replaced by species B. If species A defeats B, B defeats C, and C defeats A in interspecific competitive ability, then the abundance of these three groups fluctuate forever and dominate in the same order. We call this cyclic advantage hypothesis for species replacement. In this model, environmental fluctuation affects the species replacement as a trigger. Environmental fluctuation does not determine the next dominant species but greatly affects when the next replacement occurs.

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  • 1 - natural sciences
  • 2 - biology
  • 3 - ecology
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  • 1 - sciences appliquees, technologies et medecines
  • 2 - sciences biologiques et medicales
  • 3 - sciences biologiques fondamentales et appliquees. psychologie
  • 4 - ethologie animale
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  • 1 - Life Sciences ; 2 - Agricultural and Biological Sciences ; 3 - General Agricultural and Biological Sciences
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Researches on Population Ecology

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