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Helminths of rodents and marsupials from Papua New Guinea, with the description of two new species, Echinostoma echymiperae n. sp. (Digenea: Echinostomatidae) and Vampirolepis peroryctis n. sp. (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae)

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  • Arlene Jones 1
  • T. J. C. Anderson 2
  • 1) CABI Institute of Parasitology, 395a Hatfield Road, AL4 0XU, St. Albans, UK
  • 2) Department of Biology, University of Rochester, 14627, Rochester, New York, USA

The following rodents and marsupials from the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea have been examined for helminths: Anisomys imitator, Melomys spp., Pogonomelomys ruemmleri, Rattus spp., Echymipera kalubu and Peroryctes raffrayanus. Two new species and a number of new host records are reported. Echinostoma echymiperae n. sp., a digenean from the intestine of Echymipera kalubu, is characterised by the number of collar spines, the body armature and the shape and position of the gonads. Vampirolepis peroryctis n. sp., a cestode from the intestine of Peroryctes raffrayanus, is characterised by the length of the rostellar hooks, the shape of the ovary, the arrangement of the testes in a triangle and the extent of the cirrus-sac. Hymenolepis aklei, H. bradleyi, H. antechini, H. bettongiae, H. cercarteti, H. isoodontis and H. potoroi are transferred to Vampirolepis as new combinations. E. kalubu is a new host for Linstowia semoni and Pogonomelomys ruemmleri is a new host for Hymenolepis diminuta. V. peroryctis is the first platyhelminth to be reported from Peroryctes raffrayanus and Raillietina (Raillietina) sp. the second to be reported from the genus Melomys.

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