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Uniformity in the nonsynonymous substitution rates of embryonic ?-globin genes of several vertebrate species

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  • Molecular evolution
  • Nucleotide substitution rates
  • Molecular clocks
  • Embryonic ?-globin genes
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  • Steven G. Shapiro
  • Department of Zoology, University of Maryland, 20742, College Park, MD, USA

The nucleotide substitution rate in structural portions of the embryonic ?-globin genes of placental mammals is lower than that for the adult ?-globin genes. This difference occurs entirely within the class of substitutions that result in nonsynonymous (replacement) differences between these genes, and therefore represents a constraint on the structure of the mammalian embryonic ?-globin proteins relative to the adult proteins (Shapiro et al. 1983; Hardison 1984). A similar effect has also been observed in marsupial mammals (Koop and Goodman 1988). In an effort to determine whether the observed rates are evidence of a uniform degree of selective constraint on the embryonic ?-globin genes, analyses were performed that compared replacement substitution rates. The analyses reveal that embryonic ?-globin genes appear to have been fixing replacement substitutions at nearly the same average rate not only in placental and marsupial mammals but in avian and amphibian species as well. In contrast, the adult ?-globin genes from these organisms appear to have a more variable rate of replacement substitution with an especially low rate for birds. In the chicken (Gallus gallus), the adult ?-globin gene replacement substitution rate appears to be lower than the embryonic replacement substitution rate.

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Journal of Molecular Evolution

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