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The contamination of fish with chlorinated hydrocarbons in Portugal: continental coast and Azores islands

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  • Maria João Magalhães 1
  • Margarida C. De Barros 1
  • 1) Direcção Geral de Protecção da Produção Agrícola, Quinta do Marquês, 2780, Oeiras, Portugal

In a baseline study, muscle and liver from important commercial fish belonging to different trophic levels were analysed for organochlorines. Samples of sole, sardine and hake were collected from seven locations off the Continental coast and greater forkbeard and horse mackerel off two Azores islands. Residues of pp?DDT, pp?DDE and PCBs were present in all muscle and liver samples. pp?DDD occurred in all liver samples and in most muscle samples, except in sole where it occurred in 29% of the samples. Dieldrin was detected less frequently and did not occur in samples from the Azores. The residue levels were generally similar to those detected in related species from the North Sea, except for samples of sole collected between the Tagus and Sado estuaries where much higher residues were obtained. In view of the low consumption of insecticides in the Azores, it is proposed that long-range transport of organochlorines by winds and/or marine currents is responsible for their presence in this area. The organochlorine residues found in these fish showed no relationship with their position in the food chain but the values did increase with the quantity of lipids present. An unknown compound analysed by GC-MS interfered with DDE quantification in one sample of greater forkbeard.

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