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Postembryonal growth and its variability of the three marine fishes with special reference to the mechanism of growth variation in fishes

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  • Hiroshi Yamagishi
  • Suwa Hydrobiological Station, Faculty of Science, Shinshu University, Suwa-shi, Nagano-ken, Japan

1) To study the relation of growth variation to the behaviour pattern, newly hatchedHemiramphus sajori, Chrysophrys major andZebrias zebra were reared in 30 litter aquaria during one month, and body length was measured four times. 2) InHemiramphus sajori coefficient of variation of body length (CV) first increased but showed a tendency to decrease with development of schooling behaviour. 3) InChrysophrys major CV markedly increased and mode of the distribution curve of body length inclined towards the left side, associated with appearance of aggression and cannibalism. 4) InZebrias zebra, when behaviour pattern changed from planktonic to demersal some of the small individuals nearly ceased growing. At that timeCV of body length remarkably increased and the mode of the distribution curve of body length shifted towards the right side. 5) In all the species a positive correlation was seem between specific growth rate and initial body length soon after intensive feeding began. An negative correlation was observed in most of individuals ofHemiramphus sajori after the appearance of schooling behaviour. When a conspicuous increase inCV and skewness in distribution curve took place, a separate type of correlation was seen in large and small group in the population. 6) Based on above mentioned and other materials a general mechanism of growth variation in fishes was discussed.

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Researches on Population Ecology

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