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Diet selection of the Chilean stone crab Homalaspis plana

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  • C. Morales 1
  • T. Antezana 1
  • 1) Departamento de Oceanología, Universidad de Concepción, Casilla 2407, Concepción, Chile

Diet selection of the Chilean stone crab Homolaspis plana (Milne-Edwards, 1834) was studied using the optimal foraging theory to explain its feeding strategy. The hypothesis that H. plana prefers prey species of the highest prey (“energy”) value was experimentally tested on adult crabs during 1980–1981. Food value was defined as the ratio between caloric content and consumption time, according to energy maximization as the criterion to optimize diet selection. Diet composition of adult crabs from the littoral of Valparaíso (Chile) and ingestion under laboratory conditions were studied to determine type, size and quantity of food to be offered in experiments on prey-type preference. Porcellanid crabs, barnacles and bivalves were the most frequently occurring items in stomachs from in situ conditions. In the aquaria, daily ingestion rates were quite variable among crabs and among days. H. plana showed no size preference for molluscs (Tegula atra, Semimytilus algosus) but preferred larger sizes of porcellanids. The order of preference for prey type was S. algosus>T. atra> porcellanids. However, no differences between their energy values were found and, therefore, the optimal foraging hypothesis was rejected. By extension, the energy maximization criterion alone may not explain the diet selection of H. plana under experimental conditions.

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Marine Biology

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