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Sex-specific maternal investment in pronghorn, and the question of a limit on differential provisioning in ungulates

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  • John A. Byers 1
  • James D. Moodie 1
  • 1) Department of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho, 83843, Moscow, ID, USA

Prediction that mothers will invest more in individual sons than daughters in polygynous mammals has been confirmed in several species. However, among polygynous ungulates, differential investment occurs in some species, but not in others. Because ungulates have postnatal growth rates among the highest in mammals, we hypothesized that level of maternal investment limits the ability of offspring of one sex to evolve faster growth rates, even when intrasexual selection might favor faster growth. We predicted that comparative rate of maternal investment would explain the distribution of differential investment among ungulates, and examined our data on pronghorn (Antilocapra americana), which show the highest-known rate of maternal investment among ungulates. Data on birth weights, suckling rates, ages-pecific frequency of maternal termination of suckling bouts, age at weaning, and rate of rejected suckle attempts showed either no sex differences or else a slight excess investment in daughters. In concordance with these data, female fawns spent more energy in activity than did male fawns. Among ungulates for which data are available, the best predictor of differential investment is not degree of adult sexual dimorphism; it is comparative rate of maternal investment.

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