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Distribution patterns and microhabitat segregation in gastrointestinal helminths of Sorex shrews

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  • Helminths
  • Shrews
  • Sorex
  • Coexistence
  • Intestinal distribution
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  • Voitto Haukisalmi 1
  • Heikki Henttonen 2
  • 1) Division of Ecology, Department of Zoology, P.O. Box 17, FIN-00014, Helsinki, Finland
  • 2) Department of Forest Ecology, Finnish Forest Research Institute, P.O. Box 18, FIN-01301, Vantaa, Finland

We studied the distribution patterns and microhabitat use in gastrointestinal helminths of the shrews Sorex araneus and S. caecutiens in Finland. The distribution of species prevalences was bimodal, and in S. araneus the abundance (mean intensity) was positively associated with commonness (prevalence), as assumed by the core-satellite species hypothesis (Hanski 1982). However, the positive correlation between prevalence and intensity was observed only when the effects of helminth body size and taxonomic group (cestodes vs nematodes) on intensity were controlled for. The nematodes of the genus Longistriata occurred predictably as core species, whereas the identity of the core cestodes was more variable between host species and regions. Helminth body size and taxonomic group were not related to the degree of aggregation in shrew populations, but helminth body size seemed to explain the differences in the distribution patterns of helminths between shrews and voles. The core species did not show more segregation in microhabitat use than randomly selected species. In fact, the two core nematodes showed largely overlapping intestinal distributions. We conclude that linear intestinal space is not a key resource for shrew nematodes, but it may be for shrew cestodes.

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