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Localization of mating behavior of released Bactrocera dorsalis flies on host fruit in an orchard

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  • Bactrocera dorsalis
  • mating behavior
  • male aggregation
  • sterile insect technique
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  • Ronald J. Prokopy 1
  • Ratana Poramarcom 2
  • Manon Sutantawong 2
  • Ranu Dokmaihom 3
  • Jorge Hendrichs 4
  • 1) Department of Entomology, University of Massachusetts, 01003, Amherst, Massachusetts
  • 2) Office of Atomic Energy for Peace, Chatuchak, 10900, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 3) Department of Agricultural Extension, Chatuchak, 10900, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 4) Department of Entomology, International Atomic Energy Agency, A-1400, Vienna, Austria

Oriental fruit flies,Bactrocera dorsalis, cultured in the laboratory for six generations, were released when 12–14 days old in an orchard of nonfruiting host trees that were furnished with either food and water, nonpunctured host fruit, punctured host fruit, or no resources. Nearly all flies of both sexes, all sexual behavior of males, and all mating pairs were observed on trees with fruit. Moreover, on trees with fruit, nearly all flies of both sexes, nearly all sexual behavior of males, and nearly all mating pairs occurred on the fruit itself rather than on the foliage or branches. In a subsequent test, both sexes were found to be strongly attracted to the odor of host fruit. For a polyphagous species of a tropical tephritid, these findings are the first to show a high level of male aggregation and a high amount of male sexual behavior on the fruit of host trees. Findings are discussed in relation to current knowledge of tephritid mating behavior. An additional quality-control test for laboratory cultured males used in the sterile insect technique of fly management is recommended.

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  • 2 - biology
  • 3 - entomology
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  • 1 - sciences appliquees, technologies et medecines
  • 2 - sciences biologiques et medicales
  • 3 - sciences biologiques fondamentales et appliquees. psychologie
  • 4 - psychologie. psychophysiologie
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  • 1 - Life Sciences ; 2 - Agricultural and Biological Sciences ; 3 - Insect Science
  • 1 - Life Sciences ; 2 - Agricultural and Biological Sciences ; 3 - Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
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Journal of Insect Behavior

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