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Studies on the sublittoral free-living nematodes of Liverpool Bay. II. Influence of sediment composition on the distribution of marine nematodes

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  • A. R. Ward
  • Marine Science Laboratories, University College of North Wales, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, N. Wales, UK
  • Bolton School, BL1 4PA, Bolton, Lancs., England

Previous work has shown that the composition and diversity of nematode populations in Liverpool Bay (UK) are correlated with sediment granulometry, and possible reasons for this relationship are now discussed. Sediment granulometry and nematode size appear not to be directly related, but the range of nematode lengths is greater in the more heterogeneous sediments. Median particle diameter, sorting efficiency and silt/clay content are all considered to affect sediment uniformity, and an index including all three factors correlated significantly with both size diversity and species diversity. Study of the distribution of the various feeding types revealed that the relative and absolute abundances of epistratum feeders and non-selective deposit feeders correlated significantly with the sediment silt/clay content. It is concluded that sediment granulometry influences nematode distribution both directly in determining the size range of the populations (and hence, to some extent, the species diversity) and indirectly in determining, to a great extent, the type of food available. In addition, it was noted that nematodes with very ornate cuticular ornamentation tended to be associated with coarser, silt-free sediments, and it is suggested that this may be correlated both with their mode of locomotion and with the need for mechanical protection in unstable substrata.

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Marine Biology

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