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Genetic variation in marine teleosts: High variability in habitat specialists and low variability in habitat generalists

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  • P. J. Smith 1
  • Y. Fujio 2
  • 1) Fisheries Research Division, P.O. Box 297, Wellington, New Zealand
  • 2) Department of Fishery Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Tohoku University, 980, Sendai, Japan

Genetic variation was reviewed in 106 species of marine teleosts. Two heterozygosity estimates were used, one including all protein and enzyme loci and a second excluding the non-enzymatic protein loci. Mean heterozygosities are 0.055±0.036 based on all loci in 106 species and 0.060+0.038 based on enzymatic loci in 89 species. A significant negative correlation was noted between heterozygosity and the proportion of general protein loci included in the estimate. A comparison was made of heterozygosities among taxonomic orders and families, life zones, reproductive mode, geographical range and size. High levels of genetic variation are found in Clupeiformes, Atheriniformes, Pleuronectiformes, temperate pelagic, tropical, intertidal-sublittoral and wide-range species. Low levels of genetic variation are found in Gadiformes, Scorpaeniformes, temperate demersal, polar, and narrowrange species. The most striking differences in heterozygosities are between temperate demersal flatfishes and temperate demersal round fishes. It is suggested that much of the data can be explained by a habitat specialist-generalist model, with high heterozygosities in specialists and low heterozygosities in generalists, but that this is only one of a mosaic of factors which influence genetic variation.

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Marine Biology

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