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Food limitation of population density in the orb-wed spider, Nephila clavata

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  • food limitation
  • intraspecific competition
  • arthropod predators
  • spider
  • population density
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  • Tadashi Miyashita
  • Laboratory of Forest Zoology, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku, 113, Tokyo, Japan

Field studies were conducted to clarify whether variation in food availability among habitats influences population density, and whether population density has a negative effect on foraging success in the orb-web spider,Nephila clavata. Lifetime food consumption per individual (i.e., foraging success) strongly correlated with mean body size of adult females and mean fecundity in populations. Also, there was a positive correlation between foraging success and population density. Since foraging success reflected potential prey availability in the habitat, food resource appeared to be a limiting factor for populations in this spider. Mean fecundity per individual correlated with population density of the following year, suggesting that decreased reproduction is a major component of food limitation on population density. Consistent defferences in mean body size between particular sites were observed over years, while such difference was less obvious in density. Thus, ranking of food abundance among habitats seems to be predictable between years. A field experiment revealed that an artificial increase in population density had no negative effect on the feeding rate of individuals, suggesting that intraspecific competition for food is not important in this species.

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Researches on Population Ecology

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  • Arthropodes
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