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Establishment of a free-ranging colony of Stumptail macaques ( Macaca arctoides ): Relations to the ecology I

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  • Alejandro Estrada 1
  • Rosamond Estrada 1
  • 1) Institute of Biomedical Research, U.N.A.M., Apartado Postal 70228, Mexico 20 D.F.

A group of 20 Stumptail macaques was released free on the island of Totogochillo in lake Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico, on August 15 of 1974. Initial adaptations to the island geography and ecology are reported for the first 83 days of observation. The island of Totogochillo is a lava formed island with vegetation type consisting of secondary tropical rain forest. The Stumptail group composition consisted of one adult male, five adult female and 14 non adult individuals. Individuals and matrilineal genealogies are identifiable. Home range is limited by the island's size. The macaques only have one sleeping site. The use of resting areas seems to be related to variations in the travelling and foraging patterns of the Stumptails. Five travelling routes have been identified and changes in these are associated to changes in the availability and distribution of natural edibles. Feeding adaptations consitst of consumption of vegetal matter such as leaves, seeds, roots, flowers, and tree bark. Of 65 major plant species identified the Stumptails consume 28% (N: 18). Sex differences in foods eaten were not observed but age differences do exist. The macaques prey on crickets, spiders, birds, and water snails. A food pressures is suggested to induce the monkeys to locate new food resources. Predators on the island are not existent but avian predators are present in the area. The Stumptails respond to their presence with alarm calls and an attack by a hawk on the group was witnessed. Sentinele behaviour was performed by an adult female while protecting and scouting were carried out by the adult male in the group. During the course of the study four deaths occurred, two infants were born and on November 7th, 12 more Stumptails were released on the island. Continuing research consists of studies of the ontogeny of social relations and of the sexual behaviour in the Stumptail group against a background of known social structural relations and kinship ties.

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