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Infections with fasciola SPP in wildlife in Africa

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  • J. A. Hammond
  • East African Veterinary Research Organisation, Muguga, Kenya
  • Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Edinburgh

A survey was carried out to ascertain the importance of African wildlife in the epidemiology of fascioliasis. Although there are still insufficient records to allow of a firm assessment of the incidence and importance of fascioliasis in wildlife it would seem that the following tentative conclusions may be drawn. 1. Fascioliasis is not very prevalent in wild mammals except perhaps forFasciola nyanzae in the hippopotamus. 2. Most reports ofFasciola gigantica infections are from the African buffalo, the kob and the wildebeest. There are very few reports ofFasciola hepatica infections. 3. There is some evidence from Uganda thatFasciola gigantica infection can be maintained in wildlife in the absence of domestic ruminants. 4. There are signs that fascioliasis is becoming of more importance in wildlife, and deaths have been reported from Rhodesia in five species. 5. It would seem that the giraffe at least could be an efficient reservoir host, as the parasite can survive in this host for several years. The effects of present and possible future developments in wildlife conservation on the epidemiology of fascioliasis are discussed.

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Tropical Animal Health and Production

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