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Conservation of mammalian biodiversity in coffee plantations of Central Veracruz, Mexico

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  • arboreal strata
  • coffee shade trees
  • ecological diversity
  • mammalian community
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  • S. Gallina 1
  • S. Mandujano 1
  • A. Gonzalez-Romero 1
  • 1) Instituto de Ecología, Xalapa, Apartado Postal 63, 91000, Veracruz, Mexico

The diversity and organization of the mammalian community is related to the vegetation structure of the coffee plantations in the area of Barranca Grande, in the State of Veracruz, Mexico. Four transects (each 200 m in length) were used to study the vegetation structure within the coffee plantation, and 178 night/traps, tracks registration and information from local people, were used in order to become familiar with the mammaliancommunity. The sample period was from October 1989 to February 1991. The 24 mammals of medium-size species present in the area were classified using two measures of ecological diversity, locomotion and foraging in order to understand the guild organization. If the complexity of the plantation is reduced, the number of guilds occupied could suffer a loss of 45% and 43% in ecological richness and diversity, respectively, and 24% in the equitability of the mammalian fauna. We recommend the maintenance of a high diversity in the tree stratum (shade species), in this case, species such as Inga jinicuil, banana (Musa sapientum), Citrus spp., coyo avocado (Persea schiedeana), mango (Mangifera indica); species which could provide food resources and protection for the mammals.

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