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Contrasts in energy intake and expenditure in sit-and-wait and widely foraging lizards

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  • R. A. Anderson 1
  • W. H. Karasov 1
  • 1) Department of Biology, University of California, 90024, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Daily energy metabolism and water flux were measured with doubly labeled water in the free-living insectivorous lizards Cnemidophorus tigris (mean body mass 15.7 g) and Callisaurus draconoides (8.6 g) in June 1979 in the Colorado Desert of California. C. tigris was an active forager; it spent 91% of its 5-h daily activity period in movement. C. draconoides was a sit-and-wait predator; it spent less than 2% of its 10-h activity period in movement. C. tigris had significantly higher rates of field energy metabolism and water influx (210 Jg-1 day-1, 36.8 ul H2O g-1 day-1, N=19) than C. draconoides (136, 17.1, N=18). There were no significant differences between the sexes within either species. The extra costs of free existence were calculated from differences between field metabolic rates and maintenance costs estimated from laboratory respirometry. Rates of energy metabolism during the field activity period were about 1.5x resting levels at 40° C (?field active body temperature) for C. draconoides and 3.3 x resting levels at 40° C (?field active body temperature) for the more active C. tigris. Feeding rates calculated from water influx data were 13.3 mg g-1 day-1 for C. tigris and 5.8 mg g-1 day-1 for C. draconoides. Though C. tigris had a high rate of energy expenditure, its foraging efficiency $\frac{{{\text{metabolizable energy intake}}}}{{{\text{energy expended}}}}$ was higher than C. draconoides'.

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